Samia Yousif 


Samia Yousif is driven by a fundamental belief that fashion should generate the same kinds of feelings and emotions that traditional visual arts elicit.

She strives to create wearable, functional aesthetic tours de force while staying true to the underlying vision of a perfect marriage between form and function.

Whether in formal or casual settings fashion is a visual representation of personality and a celebration of individuality and Samia believes that we should

all Aspire to Inspire.


An aptitude and passion for Design

As a young girl growing up in Geneva as part of an international household, Samia was always surrounded by various design elements and motifs which helped shape her unique aesthetic principles.

In fact, she has always drawn fashion sketches and was always bursting with creativity and enthusiasm for the topic.

This gave her the confidence to design and make her own dress for her secondary education graduation.


The beginning of a dream


Armed with a dream and an international business education achieved in London and Geneva, Samia created her own brand in 2012 to design and produce the clothes she had always envisioned.

Samia oversees the whole production process from sourcing sustainable materials and ensuring ethically-conscious working conditions for everyone involved as well as personally ensuring quality control.

She believes every piece of clothing should be perfect and takes great strides to make manifest this vision.


Recognition and the collections


 Samia’s designs have garnered significant recognition and won multiple awards and have been prominently featured at international runway events in Miami and New York.

Additionally her work was one of the official MTV EMA 2016 Gift Suppliers


Her unique style based in the belief that femininity is powerful and should be a source of pride and joy and be celebrated both in formal as well as in casual environments and her two collections are the embodiment of this philosophy.